Great news! The dream of having a darsan of all 108 divya desa Perumals at one place is one more step closer to coming true! The Divya Desams will have an audio guide in multiple languages to explain the history of each temple. If this knowledge is available at one place, we will be able to connect with our history and culture with much more ease than normal. This will enable people to explore the divya desams in the country with an informed and enthused mind-set.
27 Divya Desams foundation work has been assigned to 4 silpi contractors. Two other Divya Desams, Thiru Kkanchi and Thiruvaaranamalai foundation work also will begin soon! Five to Six units of spaces are being arranged to home 500 to 600 silpis. You will be amazed to see the 216 feet Statue of Ramanuja that is already in place. Imagining the 108 beautiful divine centers depicting the great spiritual history is an asset that anyone can be proud of!
This project is a pride to the nation!
We welcome you all once again to become part of it!
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