Divya Saketham is one such manifestation of the statement made by Lord Krishna. Technically speaking Divya Saketham is a temple, but if we have a look at the history of its making one would be able to understand the essence as to why this ordinary looking “temple” got the name “Divya Saketham”.

To begin with, Divya Saketham has three floors, where three different avatar of lord vishnu reside in the form of deities.  The first floor of Divya Saketham has the main deity in the form of Lord Rama (Kondandaramaswamy), who beautifully dwells along with His retinue –Vishwakse:na, A:lwa:rs, Acharyas and others. The very sight of the deity reminds one of the grace, love and affection  which Lord Rama had in his heart, for his parents, and in turn filling our hearts with those same virtues…..

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