Ramanuja Sahasrabdi – Statue Of Equality


  • Lived for 120 years and inspired all to practise Equality in the society
  • Treated the downtrodden at par with the elite.
  • Made Temples as centres of society where all artisans took active part
  • Initiated several activites with temples as the centres as society offering services to all. Instructed that only efficient and knowledgeable leaders be appointed to oversee all the activites
  • Revived all temples like Melkote in Karnataka state, Tirumala Tirupathi in Andhra Pradesh state in India.
  • Rooted out untouchability and other vices that existed in the society. He gave everyone the same privilege of worshiping god.
  • He called those branded as so called untouchables as “ThiruKulathaar”. It means “Born Divine” and took them inside temples.
  • Gave the most divine mantra to all which was a closely guarded secret only available to selected few. Imbibed into society that women need to be shown utmost respect and empowered them to serve the society as leaders.

Celebrating 1000th birth anniversary of Ramanuja Charya Swami, a great spiritual icon born in 1017 and lived for 120 years

  • World’s largest sitting statue at 216 feet of Bhagavad Ramanuja coming up in 2017.
  • Statue symbolizes equality that Ramanuja propounded
  • Includes 108 Divya Desams(Temples)
Swamiji’s message
Ramanuja Contributions towards Thirumala
Raganjali INDIA
Raganjali USA

Here is a glimpse of what we do. It’s only the tip of the iceberg!!

Current Projects

14 acres of land was taken lease for organic farming to grow organic grass and nutritious feed for the cattle, medicinal herbs to provide materials for preparing ayurvedic remedies, and a patch to grow sweet smelling flowers for the Lord in Divya Saketham temple and organic vegetable garden. Need support for sprinklers, 5000 litres capacity water tank, motor , a small tractor etc.,

Organic Farm

Foundation was laid for Raikal Jeeyar Gurukulam in Karimnagar, Telangana for students who graduated 10th grade. The college plans to establish vocational training courses for plumbing, electricians, mechanics etc and make them self sufficient by creating self employment jobs as well as decrease migration of people to cities. Training equipment, generators, training faculty resources need to be procured for this program.

 Job Orientation Courses in Remote Area

This year's objectives include planting trees, cleaning local lake, building rooms for visitors, laying streets around the temple, constructing open auditorium, constructing Gopala Sagaram on which farmers depend for agriculture. Red and green dustbins were arranged.

Model Village

Few More Utilities

Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji – A beacon of light in many a life


Charis Denison has an amazing rapport with adolescents. Part of it must be the way she exudes, at the same time, both empathy and authority. On one hand, she’s a keen listener, one who never condescends to students, but treats them like fellow humans; on the other hand, she speaks with the clarity and assurance of an expert. One gets the sense there isn’t any crisis she hasn’t dealt with before. She also has a near-magical quality of realness, an authenticity devoid of contrivance, to which teenagers (and people in general) respond immediately. She is by turns irreverent, challenging, startlingly direct; she brings insight, compassion, and fearlessness to her work. She is that rare educator to whom adolescents want to listen, and with whom they want to be honest.”

Sam Reed, Urban School of San Francisco alum
I am a Math teacher. I have been teaching Vedic students and feel very privileged to get this opportunity. Teaching these students is a unique experience. They can memorize multiplication tables in no time. They can solve problems easily. They are very sharp and have excellent problem solving skills.
Janaka Raj, Math Teacher
I am very grateful to the doctor for conducting the free Medical Camp for screening Uterine Cancer in women. People lack the knowledge and understanding of cancer. Women need to take the screening test from time to time. Medical service is the best service and woman’s health plays an important part in the family.

Thank you.

N. Vijaya, Patient
I am Mandapati Chandrika aged 27 years. I studied M.Sc. Impressed by my friend Bharathi Vizianagaram services, I too decided to give my best services. Convenor Smt. Sakunthala gave us nice training. I attended the inaugural funcion of calposcope by HH Swamiji. I had a keen interest to learn laptop for preparing and recording patients’report. Sri Chandrashekar demonstrated the operation of Calposcope. Dr. M. Sudha Kumari is training us to conduct the VIA tests. It is really thrilling to survey from door to door and educate them and ask them to avail the services free of cost. I and my family have a strong desire to take part in VT Sevas. I feel priviledged.
Mandapati Chandrika, Volunteer
I’m Devraj, studying Intermediate 2nd Year with CEC group . I’m from Ananthpur District.I speak with my seniors when i get holidays,and they told me, Here we get more benefits such as Computer skills,spoken English and Chanting slokas. They told me if we get com puter training and computer skills we can do any job in any company. Every Company is using Modern technology and Spoken English is also more important in Modern society. When we compare others like those who are studying in English Medium outside,they can’t speak good English. So here we can speak good English with the help of teachers and chanting slokas also. They advised me if we join here ,we can achieve any thing, We can speak English and we get training how to operate computer also.

Dev Raj, Intermediate 2nd Year Student studying in Nethra college
I’m Surender, studied M.A., M.E.D by the blessings of swamiji. I’m also a Visually impaired.I studied intermediate in New Junior Government college at Malakpet. After I completed Degree in Nizam college I thought that it would be better if there is a special college for blind, but no one can do that. I suffered more when I was in general colleges. Later on, I came to the college which is a Special college established by Sri Swamiji in 2007. I have been working here, Swamiji brought a special software called Jaws, a screen reading soft ware from foreign countries . There’s an accessesability in Braille, all languages can be written in Braille.we are also using aids to teach the children those will be embossed for example a graph could be easily explained by making students touch the aid.
Surender, Lecturer , Nethra Vidyalaya
I joined the Vedic school run by Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji when I was 8 years old. Since then, I have been in the school – before as a student and now as a Guru. It is because of great samkalpam of HH Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji that many of us studied Vedas. My siblings are settled in other professions. But my parents feel proud seeing me as a keeper and protector of Vedic knowledge. Everyone should educate one of their kids in Vedas, thus protecting the lineage handed over to us by our rushis.

Govardhanacharyulu, Yajur Veda Teacher
My name is Bhamam Motilal. I speak Mathura, a scriptless language. I am studying in 9th grade. I am from Mandgalsingh Thanda (tribal settlement). I am studying here from primary school. Before joining this school, we used to herd cattle and work as a daily labor. I would like to reach greater heights in my life and I will never forget this school. Our teachers are staying with us and providing excellent guidance. My goal is to become a teacher and pass on the knowledge to students.

Bhamam Motilal, Jeeyar Gurukulam Student
I came to know about JIMS through news papers. We come here regularly. We are getting quality treatment for an affordable price. When I was enquiring about good gynaecologists, I was recommended about JIMS. Unique speciality of this hospital is that is the part of JIVA foundation and a great combination of spirituality and medical treatment. I also bring my family members often . We are very happy about this facility.

Avanthika , Teacher , GMR Chinmaya Vidyalaya
Before the JIMS facility opened we had to travel so far away for quality treatments. It is very expensive and time consuming. We are very happy now because this hospital is very close to our place.We are getting good treatment for all our health problems.

Bujji, Agri Worker, Verigerla
Pedda Jeeyar Swamiji is my acharya. This place is very dear to my heart. If any one wishes for something in Swamiji’s brindavan, it will surely happen. Hundreds of thousands of people experienced it . The uthsavams are also conducted following all procedures very systematically.
Kondamma, Devotee
Wonderful feeling. We performed Sudarsana homa as our astrologer recommended it to remove troubles we were facing in business. The Vedic priests Sri Srinivasa charyulu and Sri Madhu Swamy performed it so well without skipping any steps. In no time, all our troubles vanished and our struggles since past 5 years ended.
K. Chandra Babu, Devotee

HH Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji’s Message on eve of Telugu New Year – Durmukhi 

Telugu Panchangam


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