We are sure you are all eager to hear about the progress of the making of the Statue of Equality. In Bharath, the stage – Bhadravedi is being readied for the appearance of Bhagavad Ramanuja. Elephants are mounting the Bhadravedi and are taking their positions to welcome Acharya Bhagavad Ramanuja. Meanwhile, Sthapathi Sriman Prasad ji visited China to inspect the work on Bhagavad Ramanujacharya vigraham. He gave some feedback and made a few minor corrections to the model of the vigrahams. Sankhas and chakras polishing is in progress.  Work on Tridandam and the flag of the Tridandandam can be seen in the photos in the link below.

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People are registering for the Samatha Yathra which will be held on April 30th. You too can be part of the Yathra  Click Here to Register


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