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Karthika Vanabhojanalu – The Hidden Purpose

To many, Karthika Vanabhojanalu is just another chance to meet and greet and have endless banter over food. Not many know the purpose, of paramount importance that comes hidden in it. What happened on Karthika Poornima It is very well known to the devotees that Lord, Sriyah Pathi (the Compassionate Supreme Power) goes in to [...]

Karthika Vana Samradhana- Eating right in the spiritual wilderness.

Karthika Masam, the month of spiritual vibes comes with a number of activities for a battered soul lost in samsara. Samudra snanam, Vanabhjonam are the two important activities among many other activities performed during this month. Speaking of Vanabhojanam, it is said that when you eat under the shade of trees in a Vanam, you [...]

How many of us think ‘మనవ సేవే మాధవ సేవ’ holds true? – Swamiji corrects and clarifies – A Beautiful address at Malla Reddy Group of Institutions!

Thousands of students gathered at Malla Reddy Group of Institutions to listen to Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji’s address on the 2nd of November. The Chairman addressed and instructed the students to pay attention to each word of Swamiji because he believes that every statement that Swamiji makes has Vedic relevance and is bound to make [...]