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Sankranti – ‘Sankramanam‘– ‘to enter rightly from one state to another’, but who enters and for what?

Who enters? – Sun From where to where? – From Dhanur rasi to Makara rasi How does he enter? – He enters properly such that he never needs to step back So, it is ‘Sankranti’ today! But, Sun enters to a different rasi every 30 days! Why is this specific transition celebrated and not others? [...]

Goda Kalyanam – ONE Mission, ONE Goal with Multiple Benefits to entire Mankind and Creation!

Extremely energetic Enthusiastic Positive Highly goal-oriented Uncompromising in righteousness Socially responsible Aims for collective work over competitive nature Deeply devoted to elders Great poet Very accommodative spirit High achiever Perfectionist Determined Hard-working vast-knowledge on nature How many of us want to have all the above characteristics? Goda Devi aimed for ONE goal that encompassed every [...]

Neeraattothsavam – Getting ready for ‘Bhagavadanubhavam’

Divya Saketham hosts Neerattotsavam, a beautiful prakriya celebrating Goda Devi’s union with Sri Krushna. Everyone is equally knowledgeable, however the difference lies in how much of unnecessary layers of thoughts cover up ones knowledge! .reading-box-container-1 .element-bottomshadow:before,.reading-box-container-1 .element-bottomshadow:after{opacity:0.7;} Goda Devi shows how to cleanse oneself in a very structured way to reach a state where God [...]

Nammalwar Mokshothsavam – ‘అముదమా? అతృప్త అముదమా?’/ ‘One off Elixir or Ever-Desirable Elixir’?

When we really crave for something and finally achieve it, we greatly relish the experience of it. Let’s take a favourite dessert or sweet dish. How many servings can you eat? One, two, three … may be even ten. But, there will be a saturation point that lets us say, ‘That’s enough, I can’t have [...]